Friday, May 26, 2017

May Bee 26

Maybe I'm back in the saddle for the last few days of the month. Last night, we had Humanities Family Night, so that's over.

Basically, 300+ people packed into a small space to view projects about various global issues. There was also a short presentation in the theater with an adorable script that students read to explain the process by which they'd created these things. There were folders with research materials and creative writing. They made art projects.

We made a slideshow with music.

And now that that's over, I'm really on a downward slide. I've got some grading and some report card comments, but whatever. I no longer have an event for 300+ people. I will not discover moments before the event that my pants have a weird stain on them. 

We can do this.


mm said...

At this time of year, everyone can do it, but it does take extra effort.

LH said...

I've got comments for report cards and cleaning.
But I think I'm going to do some weeding first.

As per my poem on May Bee 29 over at leeway.

Congrats on a beautiful and busy event. I wish I could have been there!