Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May Bee 30

Maybe the end of the school year is like falling off a horse. This metaphor came to me as my friend Erin described being hurtled over the head of her horse a couple of years ago. She'd been going at a full run on a horse called Sparkle, a prospect I can now attest would be terrifying. I know it would be terrifying because I trotted on some horses this weekend with Erin as my supervisor.

Trotting is fast enough.

Anyway, when Erin fell off the horse, sailing over its head in death-defying fashion, Sparkle had suddenly stopped short.

When school ends, you're similarly going at full speed. Writing report card comments, grading, cleaning your room, cobbling together thank you notes, basically holding on for dear life. Then school stops, and your body goes hurtling forward with nothing to check it. You land in a heap, possibly broken and bleeding.

That hurtle is coming. I'm trying to put some foam pads in place. Soft landing. You know.


mm said...

Good analogy. I've never thought of it in such a dramatic fashion.

LH said...

I was the penultimate teacher out of the building yesterday. The last one there
is retiring and had to clean out 27 years from her room. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG????
I worked all day Sunday and Monday and then still had a ton to do yesterday!

Around 2:30 I almost started crying thinking I wasn't going to get it all done and
would have to return today. But I stayed until 5:30 and
got it all done.

Then when I got home, I somehow pulled a muscle in my upper back and could barely move my neck without

So I know about this hurtling thing.

But I took some Ibuprofen (ADVIL LIQUIGELS) and I have an ice pack on and I think I'm ready to put it all behind me.

I'm still in jammies! Yes!

Unknown said...

I keep thinking about this metaphor...so apt!