Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May Bee 9

Maybe I can make it through the year. Maybe not. It's touch and go, but as far as I can figure it, I have little choice but to try.

What's happened is not that I dislike my work. Far from it! It's just that I've made the critical error of improper pacing. A school year is rather like a marathon. If you shoot off the starting line at too quick a clip, either because you're excited or because circumstances require you to play the rabbit, you're in for a hell of a last 10k.

I knew it would be this way (Dan says it's like this every year), but I decided to start the race; and now it's my duty to finish it.

I've adopted a one-word mantra to get me through the week, and it's this: "Maintain." Just do everything the same way I was doing it before.

I've got this.


mm said...

I will admit my problem with the end of the year has more to do with adults than children. People, we don't post a countdown of days when there are over 20 left.

Melanie said...

You can do it. You've got this.

LH said...