Sunday, October 23, 2005

It Was Worth Missing the Baby, Especially Since I Slept All Night Two Nights in a Row

Jessie and I just returned to The Motherland from our trip to Lee’s.

There were drinks and laughs and The 40 Year-Old Virgin, which was completely transcendent.

Also, as you can see, Lee was the perfect tour guide.
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We learned about Benjamin Banneker, the Dunn legacy, and the Founding Fish, among other things.

As an added bonus, Lee’s darling Teen Daughter graded some papers for me while I ate at an authentic Hoosier establishment.

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On the way home I was feeling kind of sad, and I asked Jessie why I wanted Lee to live in Minnesota so badly.

“Because,” she told me, “you heart Lee very much.”

Yes, I thought. That must be it.


jdoc said...

Love the pics. I heart Ros too.

LH said...

these pics are awesome.
my sneakers are esp. cool i think.

i've been singing the jackson 5 classic, "i want you back!" today.

r's been singing back up.

we'll be adding dance steps next.

and then ...we're adding video stream to the blog!!!!!!!!!!!