Saturday, October 15, 2005


Dan and I signed a contract this week -- we've given a sizable chunk of our livelihood to Joe, our new builder.

Joe is a friendly sort -- a little pudgy, a shy smile. He grew up in the same suburb I did, and he and my brother went to elementary school together.

Joe says that he’ll add a family room and nice little guest bathroom to our house. He'll also remodel our kitchen and existing bathroom. He says it’ll be really nice when it’s done and that he’ll try to save us money.

For better or worse, I believe him.

And regardless, I figure the remodel will be good for the blog.


Undomestic said...

Wait..didn't you guys just do some remodeling? or was that someone else? I'm confused.

KC said...

not me -- this remodel has been in the works since june, though. These things take time...

LH said...

i'm sure joe will be like a part of the family by the time the remodel is done. both times we had big jobs, i came to miss having brian or dave around. one of the things that was a problem for me with remodeling is i don't really have a sense of how i want things to be, so i found it impossible to answer questions, especially early in the morning when i hadn't had coffee yet. stuff like did i want a wall moved six inches away from the fridge so i could have a light switch next to the cellar door. it went on and on. i usually answered, i'm not sure, what do you think i should do. which feels dumb.