Monday, October 10, 2005

Tap Dancing

The Odyssey, it seems, is a tough sell.

“It’s archetypal!” I said at in the beginning. I showed clips of Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker. I was the opposite of a stick-in-the-mud. “See?” I said. “The Odyssey, like me, is very hip.” They rolled their eyes, but their interest was piqued, I could tell.

And then they had to read some. And they were, shall we say, disappointed.

“Don’t worry,” I assured them. “There’s a one-eyed monster and a blind prophet coming right up!” Still, their skepticism persisted.

“Look,” I said finally, after they failed their second quiz, “If you stick with it, there will be incest and lots of goddess sex.” They giggled, but, alas, they did not crack their books.

The dedicated among them scanned their Spark Notes, and for this, I suppose I should be grateful.


jdoc said...

I've never read the Odyssey, but I must say My interest is piqued. Goddess sex, really?

jdoc said...

P.S. Sorry about loss of the archives, but like the new look.

KC said...

there will be archives... i just have to get them and bring them here. it will take a long time. but i am dedicated. a year of blogging must be preserved!!

LH said...

r had to do fake cliff notes for the odyssey last week. now she's done with that and moving into some short story about a guy hunting people down on an island? How'd I miss that one?
btw I like having you over here at blogspot.

Undomestic said...

I wonder who the kids would "cast" in a movie of the book. Angelina might be Sex goddess. The one eyed monster....Bush????