Monday, January 2, 2006

Status Report

Suddenly, our cherub can mimic and string together long sentences. Lucky for me, there hasn't been any profanity in the sentences in the last few days. Here are some examples:

"Look at that!" Shef remarked yesterday morning. "There's another light up there!"

He accurately descibed the neighbors' inflatable Christmas yard decoration: "Santa and snowman standing by a Christmas tree!"

Upon getting his hands on our camera and pretending to take photos of Dan, he said: "Smile! That looks good. Let's do another one!"

He's also likes to have the following dialogue twenty or thirty times per hour (in the third line, he describes whatever he's doing at the time):

Shef: "Hi! How'r you?"
Parent: "I'm fine, thank you. How are you?"
Shef: "I'm eating pizza."

And just this very morning, he said to Dan, "I'm turning on the fan, Daddy. Watch me!"

Dan's hoping this verbal talent means he has an increased chance of becoming successful in rap battles, a la Eminem. Me, I'm just happy to communicate.


LH said...

all his sentences are impressive in their structure but also in how funny they are. your kid cracks me up.
what was one of his favorite gifties this year?

KC said...

hey, lee -

his grandparents gave him an easel with a whiteboard on one side and a blackboard on the other side. we've been drawing a LOT of dophins on it. :)

shef would like to see you. when are you coming to mn?