Thursday, May 4, 2006

The Stars Came Out in St. Paul, and I was Inexplicably Invited

“Ok,” said Charlie seriously. He’s an earnest young man in my American Literature class, who was especially excited about my trip to the Prairie Home Companion movie premiere last night. This opportunity, which required a haircut, eye make-up, and shopping trips in other people's closets, was courtesy of great pal, Erin,a power player who was in charge of this soiree.

“When you see Lindsay,” Charlie continued, as he pointed authoritatively at me, “what I want you to do is this:
“First, you get her picture; then, you get an autograph; and finally – now this is most important -- you give her my phone number.”

In fact, I was kind of too shy to talk to the big shots, really. I mean, what was I to say? “Hi, Lindsay. Um, some of my students like you, and I thought Mean Girls was good”? Instead I played it cool and sipped cosmos while surreptitiously ogling them, especially these two:


Undomestic said...

I'm such a star struck person. How incredibly exciting for you!!!!

annekris said...

I can't believe you got to go to the premiere! I am beyond jealous. I was wondering how people got to go to this. I want to hear more!!

And...I emailed you awhile back about getting together. No pressure if you just haven't gotten around to responding, but I've been having major issues with hotmail, both sending and receiving. I'll write again soon.

jm said...

Meryl looked right at you! You're blessed.