Monday, June 26, 2006

Back in the Saddle

This summer has been far too hectic thus far. I find myself overwhelmed by the aforementioned to-do list. Today I didn’t feel like working on my master’s paper, so I began transforming the front porch into my new office. (I can’t possibly begin the work until I have a sanctuary in which to do it, right?) I am not a very keen do-it-yourselfer, so removing some shelves from the wall ate up the hours between 1 and 3pm. In the end, I was stymied by a couple of stripped screws, so I'll be back at that task tomorrow.

Then there’s the trouble of desiring a decent level of fitness. Just the time required for obsession about fitness deserves a few spots on the to-do list.

And finally, we’re in the midst of a learning to cook via Food Network. Since Slow Joe took all our cash, going out to eat isn’t really in the summer budget. Tonight I made a Rachael Ray 30-minute meal in 48 minutes. I think I should make it a to-do to get closer and closer to the 30-minute mark as the summer wears on.


jdoc said...

48 is pretty good. Recipes take me at least double the time. I have this thing about cleaning up along the way instead after the cooking like normal people.

mi said...

I am highly addicted to the food network! As easy as Rachel Ray makes it look, I have yet to a)bring all my ingredients to the counter in one trip b)successfully made any of her recipes in 30 minutes. It did however only take me 20 minutes to choose and pay for one of her cookbooks. I have made zero recipes from that.