Monday, June 5, 2006

You're Never Too Young For a Little Spandex

My friends, especially Renee, like to laugh at my gross whiteness. Of course, Renee, as you may have noticed, is an Italian goddess with olivey skin that deepens into an easy and enviable tan every summer.

Although I am proud of my Irish and Scandinavian heritage, I am incapable of spending any amount time in the sun without inadvertently summoning my inner oompa-loompa. Once, when I was trying to even out my tan lines in preparation for my strapless wedding dress, I went to a tanning booth for two minutes. Within hours, I burned and peeled. Two minutes! That’s all it took to get a few steps closer to melanoma.

Naturally, with our genes (Dan is a red-headed Norseman), Shef has skin that is pretty much translucent. Last summer I barely let him out of the house during the daylight hours. This summer, I’ve discovered something that will let him splash in the wading pool to his heart’s content:

Yes, it’s a full-body swimsuit with built in SPF 50. I borrowed this one from my cousin, who invited us over for an afternoon of outdoor fun.

Because we’d like Shef to maintain a shred of masculine toddler dignity, I’ve purchased him one in blue and yellow:

He insisted on wearing it for hours this afternoon despite no promise of a pool.


LH said...

Get that guy a cape!

too cute is mr. shef!

Undomestic said...

Funny, lh. I was just about to write that he looks like a superhero!

KC said...

i SHOULD get him a cape. good suggestion, you gals.

anne -- i'm so glad daniel likes the blog. perhaps he should start one??

Anonymous said...

I do have one, but it's been several weeks since inspiration has hit. The last few entries have been boring.