Wednesday, June 7, 2006

The Magic Number is Two

My assistant principal notified me this afternoon that my room is needed for immediate storage of large instruments and other musical supplies, so I’ll be giving my finals tomorrow and Friday “in the math hallway.” I can only hope that I might have access to a computer there. And, I also hope that that particular hallway is one of the air-conditioned ones in the building. It seems some kind of critical piece is broken on the air-conditioner, which makes it necessary for a custodian to spend his day seated by the unit with a hose, manually regulating the water level. I feel bad for that guy, but God, the building really needs to be air-conditioned.

The key message here, though, is that I’m actually giving finals. You know what that means. The end is near. And now I can look forward to a long weekend of grading essays and outside reading projects. Luckily, I’ll be doing this while sitting by the lake and watching Shef frolic in his stylish spandex suit.


Cari said...

How much grading will you get done with your son near a lake???

KC said...

hi, cari -- the grading, you see, is a must. my grades are due tuesday at noon. luckily there will be dan and grandparents to help supervise.

mi said...

Is there any concern that the students will have a harder time on their finals in a hallway? It's a shame the storage couldn't wait a few days until finals are over.

Yea to be almost on summer break!!!

LH said...

good luck with the grading. Plow through, my friend, plow through.