Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"Summers Off"

You may remember when Jessie wrote what she called her Big Ass Paper. I certainly do. While she was at it, I sat across coffee shop tables from her and studied her every move. I'm glad now that I was privy to her process because Today was The Day I Began My Very Own Master's Thesis.

The work wasn’t too terrible, as all I had to do was read a book about incorporating all kinds of cool web-based stuff into classroom teaching. One thing Will Richardson turned me onto is a site called 43 Things where you can type in your objective and interact with people who are plugging away on the very same task.

I find this fascinating and addictive, and if I could find a site called “43 Books,” I just might take up permanent residence inside the internet.


jdoc said...

It'd be scary to be in the same room with the 272 people trying to finish their masters degrees. I'll stick with sitting across the table from you.

LH said...

yay for you!
i like that site too. i got to talking to some guy who was trying to finish his diss, but then i had to stop because i realized after awhile, it wasn't really helping me to write the diss, and was in fact, becoming one more distraction. I think I'm ADD when it comes to the diss. BUT, a chapter is being written while In Paris, so that's pretty amazing really. keep us posted on the b.a.p.

KC said...

thanks for the support, friends!

congrats on the chapter, leeway. you are trucking along and surely will finish before too long, i know it.