Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Did You Watch?

I hope so. If not, it's lucky for you that Bravo likes to replay episodes of their reality shows like nobody's business.

Once you've watched, join the challenge! It's going to be fun, and I've already purchased a fabulous prize. The prize is real this year (sorry about last time, Judy and Dan). Post your guesses for the next three Auf'd in comments. Bonus for next week if you pick the winner of the challenge.



Undomestic said...

Hmmm..the 3 that will be kicked off next? So I am just choosing three in hopes that one of them will be gone next week? I'll get back to you on that. Gotta review the names/bios.

I have to so, I was disappointed this time. Where did they get these people? They all seem like they're already professional designers...where as last time there seemed to be more...just starting out regular old people. And last time they had the "casting call." Did they not do it this time?

Maybe it will get better....I hope. I do always enjoy seeing the fashions. Although, I thought the winning design this time was quite boring!

And I am excited that I have a new show to watch, especially since Weeds is ending next week!

SK said...

I'm pumped that it's time again for Runway but have to say that last night's episode did leave me a little wanting...

Next 3 who I think will be voted off by the judges:
- Ricky
- Sweet P
- Jillian

Top 3 I think deserve to be voted off because they are already annoying me (but who will stay because they like having quirky folks on the show)
- Elisa
- Christian
- Nina Garcia (too bad it's not an option)

Mary said...

Ok I am playing this year...

I think Marion, Elisa and Ricky are going to be in the bottom three. For the bonus I think Chris will win the next challenge.

i also have two friends that want to join the challenge. I will tell them to post their guesses here!

Sarah said...

I am hoping the show gets a bit more exciting as it goes along. But, I am just happy it is back! I think the next three are Elisa, Sweet P, and Ricky. And, the winner for the next challenge will either be Rami or Victorya.

kc said...

All right - my picks are:

Sweet P

I am holding off on choosing a winner until the previews come out.

Undomestic said...

Okay, here are my picks for the losers. Next week I'll be taking notes!

Marcia, Elisa, Steven

Undomestic said...

Oh, I forgot my winner bonus. I'm voting for Kevin.

KC said...

ok, my choice for the winner is christian.

cari, i don't think there's a contestant named marcia??