Monday, November 26, 2007

Every Sight And Every Sound

Last night I watched Die Hard with Dan because he claimed it was, like, his favorite movie of all time.

Afterwards, I decided I enjoyed it as much as the James Bond franchise. However, it wasn't as satisfying as Bourne movies, which of course star Matt Damon, who is officially People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive.

“So it makes your top ten,” Dan said, back to Bruce Willis.

“Well, it beats out Pitch Black for sure," I conceded. Pitch Black is a truly repugnant offering of the supernatural-horror-thriller-action variety.

And, believe it or not, watching that Vin Diesel vehicle was the high point of what was an exceptionally terrible evening back in 2000, an evening which included dinner at Hooters.

“Come on,” Dan said, “That was a great date. If you can think of a greater date than Hooters and Pitch Black, I’d like to hear it.”

And then I threw up in the sink due to an unfortunate combination of nausea and too much laughter.


Anonymous said...

Just to be clear - this was not a "date" date. It was a large group of people going to dinner and a movie and Hooters was NOT my idea. We were at the Mall of America and every other restaurant near the movie theatre was full.

Pitch Black was my idea, though.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I think Elisa is going to win tonight. And, yes I know that I also picked her to be Auf'd. I hope she is kicked off, but I think this challenge is going to be crazy.
See you on the Runway,

mi said...

Wow! That's romance at it's best. I actually had someone take me on a date to see Ford Fairlane. Hooters could have only improved the evening. Also, I work in Nakatomi Plaza!