Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Jury Duty Was Complete As of Three O'Clock This Afternoon

The sad part is that I’m sure I would have made an excellent juror. I would have been fair, and I would have weighed the evidence carefully.

But none of the attorneys ever asked me any questions.

I didn’t get picked for any juries.

I think it's too bad for those charged with armed robberies and solicitation. I would have been a very nonjudgmental. I would have tried to see their sides of the situations.

I was actually considering volunteering to stay on jury duty a little longer, just to give the courts and criminals the benefit of my excellent reasoning skills.

But, in the end, that seemed a little silly, even to me.

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abby said...

You should move across the river. Nearly everyone called for jury duty the week I went was interviewed for a jury. One group was even sequestered for a night.

Alas, my civil car crash case was pretty darn boring. The only good parts were jury selection and being locked in the deliberation room by a real bailiff. I think he was even sleeping in a tipped back chair outside the door.