Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Want To Imbibe It With Energy and Essence

At the end of my pregnancy with Shef, I was undeniably huge. Most people would try to say nice, placating things about how I looked. But since I owned a mirror and could see that I had a blotchy rash on my face, size E or F breasts that rested on my belly, and was clearly bulging out of my second size of maternity jeans; I knew they were full of it.

Luckily, I could always count on Mom for a dose of reality.

“Can you even fit in your car?” she asked one day around 37 weeks. “I mean, I can’t believe you could even get behind the wheel.”

This Thanksgiving, Mom told me I looked lovely, which was nice. And she gave me a present: two pairs of supremely comfortable fleece pajamas. They’re really terrific, and in fact, I’m wearing some right now.

“I got one large and one extra large,” Mom explained, as she handed me the bag. “Because let’s be honest, we know that’s where you're headed.”

I nodded. There’s just no escaping it.

“I didn’t even bother with medium,” she continued, “because really, what’s the sense.”


LH said...

I got very very large as well, with both kiddos. But they were big and they needed lots of food and they needed their hostbody to be happy. That's what I figured.

Will you be posting any pregfotos on the blog? so we can all marvel at the miracle of life?

(and satisfying our curiosity at the same time)

KC said...

we'll have to see about photos. i'm not sure. so far, i'm better off than i was with shef, but it's early.

mi said...

Ahh, motherly love. Nothin' quite like it. At least the pants feel good.