Sunday, November 25, 2007

People Might Not Like That Their Dress Has Been Spit On

After watching the preview videos posted at Blogging Project Runway, I'm ready to pick Rami as the winner of the next challenge.

The previews didn't really show anything about the potential winners, but... I'm going with it. There was some potential drama and intrigue you might want to check out, though.

For the contest, if you're already on the scoreboard, you don't pick any losers this week or next. You go with the three you originally chose. You get three points if any of your three get kicked off in the next two episodes. You do get to pick a winner for this week's episode, though; and if you're right, you get one bonus point.

If you still want to play and you haven't started yet, you can post guesses for the next two designers auf'd. You get one point for each correct guess.


jdoc said...

I'm trying to get Dave to play this game. He recorded the last two episodes for me, and while I haven't had time to watch them yet, he has. Now he likes to tell me what's wrong with my outfits.

Undomestic said...

Okay, I think I figured out where I messed up. I wrote Marcia as a loser, but I meant Chris...Marcia was the name of his model.

I'm also voting for Kit as the winner this week.

Let me know if I screw up again.

LH said...

We are supposed to vote for the winner too? How did I miss that?

KC said...

jodc - dave would be a welcome addition. As of now, poor dan is the only male.

cari - i've got you all set with chris as loser and kit as winner.

lh - i don't know how you missed the winner bonus. be sure to guess this week!!!

Jana said...

I really want to play but I am still so lost as to who everyone is. I'll check out BPR and Bravo this week and try to get my guesses together before Wednesday!

SK said...

I'm voting for Rami as the winner as well. For one thing, he seems like the most normal one of the bunch. Unfortunately, being normal/well-adjusted is usually the kiss of death on PR.