Saturday, March 15, 2008

Close Your Eyes, Give Me Your Hand

The sun has been shining outside, but not so much at my school. Every day, it seems there’s another blow.

Yesterday I was so annoyed at my sixth hour that I sent Dylan to the Dean’s Office for a stern-talking-to from a male authority figure. I doubt it will make much of a difference, to tell you the truth.

Two days ago, I had this little dialogue with Joe:

Me: We’re going to watch parts of a made-for-tv Odyssey. Another teacher, Ms. R., edited the film and added explanations, book numbers, and names of characters, so it should really help you fill in the gaps in your comprehension.

Joe [shouting out disruptively]: How did she do THAT?

Me [soldiering on, maintaining positive demeanor]: Ms. R. is a genius. You might get to have her as a teacher some day.

Joe [scoffing]: If she’s a genius, then why did she become a teacher?

In fact, I was just wondering where my own brain cells have gone off to lately.