Monday, March 3, 2008

I Can Make Every Tackle at the Sound of the Whistle And I Can Make All the Stadiums Rock

I am back from a super fun weekend in Chicago for my annual visit with Lee. We did a lot of fun things like buying shoes, eating, and walking the streets of The Windy City. I am super happy the trip worked out because Lee is great and because I’m pretty sure it’ll be the last time I can get away by myself for, oh, I think about eighteen months.

A mini-vacay was also important because Shef has been kind of a pill lately. Here’s a sample conversation, so you can see what I mean:

Me: Are you excited for music class tomorrow?

Shef: Yes. Staccato and levanto.

Me: I’m pretty sure it’s staccato and leGAto.

Shef: NoIt’sLevanto.I’mRight.

Me: Remember how the teacher said you can run your hands down your legs and say, “Leg-a-toe”?

Shef: No.I’mRight.

I have no idea where he might have picked up this desire to know everything and be right all the time. Also the inability to admit fallibility. Really, I don’t know anyone in our family that has any of these traits.


Tom said...

OK, here's my rankings:
1 - Christian
2 - Jillian
3 - Rami

mi said...

It must be the age. Hayden is ALWAYS right. Did you know that? Cuz if you say you did, you didn't. You're wrong. He's right. Always. :)

LH said...

I think Christian will probably win it, but I'm going to just jump out on a limb and rank like this:

Rami (big draping winner)
Jillian (second place, but still pretty pleased with herself)
Christian (not surprised, because no one really gets how great he is, he keeps running in to this problem).

And like Shef, I'm pretty sure I'm right right now.