Monday, March 10, 2008

There's Nothing That a Hundred Men or More Could Ever Do

I’ve been talking a big game about my sister Mary’s departure for Peace Corps service in Senegal for two months now. Like, I’ve been completely nonchalant and all, “This will be so exciting for you.”

Then last night, she came over to say goodbye and collect her Project Runway prize. First there were just a few decent, appropriate, and composed little tears leaking out. Then, a few more. Then some slightly unattractive blubbering and frantic wiping of the face. And finally, some noisy undignified sobbing after she went out to her car.

This will be a long two years, for sure; but lucky for all of us, she now has a blog. It's a small consolation.


Undomestic said...

How wonderful of her. What a sacrifice, and yet what a blessing she will be.

abby said...

Exciting that she's finally on her way! (Sorry about the blubbering.) I know someone who served in the Peace Corps and I'm pretty sure it was in Senegal. If your sister is looking for someone to talk with or ask questions of (I'm assuming they hook you up with that, but maybe not), I could get her email address.

Dave said...

Toto reference -- classic!

kc said...

so, it turns out if you're in the peace corps there are rules about your blogging, so mary had to make her blog private. if you want to read it, let me know - I will email her your email address and get you invited, no problem. she says it's okay.