Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We'll Call You

Depending on which calendar you use, I’m either five or three days overdue.

I alternate between feeling totally zen-like about this situation and totally despondent. The swings between these extremes happen mostly without warning; although they sometimes correspond to the number of inquiries I’ve received in a day. Like one-word emails that just say, “Baby?” Or voicemail messages that begin, “I certainly hope you’re holding that baby by now!”

Today, I’m planning on spending some time reading Jhumpa Lahiri’s new book while lying in my bed. I’m tired and fat, and lying down seems like kind of a good idea. I probably won’t go into labor, but I’ll let you know. I promise I’ll let you know.


mi said...

Hang in there. That baby won't stay in your belly forever... just longer than it was supposed to! Eat cookies. Get lots of rest. Try to relax while you can. Sometime relatively soon you'll get to hold that little baby. As for all the inquiries, just take a deep breath.

AmyRobynne said...

I'm loving Twitter for its ability to keep me in the know without you having to post new blog entries constantly. I figure if you're eating cookies and chatting, there's probably no baby yet. Although, that would be a good way to spend a postpartum week too.

The end is near, no matter how that baby comes.

Martha said...

Sorry. I was a caller. I KNOW you'll call. And I know the baby will come. Hang in there. Love, m

Tom said...

I see you've reached Stage 7 in the Overdue Baby Wait: disconnection from the world. Not picking up the phone. Not checking email. Stage 8 will arrive soon: angrily answering the phone saying "NO, WE HAVEN'T HAD THE STUPID BABY!!!". :-)

Happy waiting!