Wednesday, September 10, 2008

They're Kicking Off Two Designers Tonight! You Just Need One Winner Guess! Go!

There's nothing to report.

Do you want to know how I used five CSA veggies in my dinner last night? Probably not.

Do you want to know that I really like the show How I Met Your Mother, and I've been obsessively watching it on DVD? Uh, not really.

Do you want to hear the details of my non-dairy existence? Not particularly.

That's okay. I totally feel the same way about those topics and also about laundry, my limited wardrobe, and Mac's apparent teething.


SK said...

I'm going with Kenley for the win. And, I feel your pain on the limited wardrobe - I'm right there with ya!

LH said...

teething already?

let's not even start with the wardrobe situation.

I'll go with korto for the win.