Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ab Contest Check-In: This Week I Was a Success!

It's time to report your work for the week, intrepid ab-refiners!

You were either a Saturday or a Sunday starter, and there were four possible five-minute sessions at three-points each. I did my abs on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for 12 points. I also get a bonus point for doing 10 different exercises, for a total of 13 points. Hooray!

Molly, who scored 0 points last week, called this morning to report in. "What was I supposed to do this week?" she asked.

"Oh no." I said, "I'm not falling for that. First you tell me what you actually DID."

It turns out she did three sessions for 9 total points. Much better! Congratulations, Molly, on your solid effort. Your abs thank you, I'm sure.

Everyone can report in the comments. If you did 15 different exercises, your bonus is 2 points.

And now we push to the 30th with this extra challenge: Do a total of 15 minutes of abs (your choice of days) by Tuesday. If you do that, you earn five extra points for your team.


Aunt Pat said...

Here is what I did, and you can figure out the points. Being a little confused (as people in their late sixties are wont to be), I thought we were supposed to skip last Sunday, so I started on Monday and did my five minutes. I forgot Wednesday, so then I did five minutes on Thursday and Saturday!

Cyndy said...

I did 5 min. on Tuesday, 5 on Thursday, and 5 on Saturday. Actually I did more than 5 on Saturday because I did 15 exercises! I googled "abdominal exercises" for ideas. If we're allowed to count the same exercise twice for right and left sides (like in the case of oblique exercises), then I succeeded. So,
3 points for Tues., 3 for Thurs., and 5 for Saturday!
Total: 11 points

Cyndy said...

Oh yeah, here are the exercises I did: crunches, oblique crunches R and L, bicycle with arms, scissors, side plank R and L, regular plank, vertical leg crunch, long arm crunch, reverse crunch, crossovers R and L, and reachover crunch R and L. That's 15, right?

abby said...

I'm proud to report I managed to understand and follow all the rules this week--this was my main problem with the Top Chef competition as well: rule confusion.

Anyhoo, I did 5 minutes each day Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, Between Tues and Thurs I did 10 different exercises. I don't know the proper names for all of them. I tried to locate them on the internet but was only partially successful, so I had to make up some names too:
bicycle crunch
bicycle crunch oblique
traditional oblique
vertical leg crunch
reverse crunch--bottom up
reverse crunch--top down
side leg raise/arm pull down
curl and hold at various levels

anne said...

Two days of abs, one of which I did 10 different exercises (thanks to my sister-in-law's "8 minute abs" video). So a total of 7 points.

AmyRobynne said...

4 days/12 points for me.

cg said...

hah - i did Saturday, Wednesday (I missed Monday), Friday and Saturday. Not sure when I was suppose to start counting. And I did five different exercises, which I also googled, printed and followed religously...very proud of me. Unfortunately I did not get to my horse at all, which is still the hardest one I think.....Ack

Avery said...

I slacked again. Sorry Amy. I did 5 minutes on MWF but not 10 exercises- only about 5 or 6. So that's 9 points for me.

Aunt Pat said...

I completed 15 minutes of ab work on Sun., Mon., and Tuesday, so I'll take those extra points.

Liz K said...

oops - that last anonymous was me!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to post on Saturday but I did 5 minutes MWF. Only 5 exercises though so no bonus points.

abby said...

In case I forget on the next check in post, I did a total of 15 minutes by the 30th:

8 minutes on Monday
7 minutes on Tuesday

AmyRobynne said...

I did the 15 minutes over 3 days.

Theresa said...

I did 4 sessions last week, but same old 5 exercises, so 12 points.

cg said...

Sorry Ann - I only made it to 10 minutes before the end of Tuesday. I was so ready for it but then one crises on the next and it was the next day