Thursday, September 3, 2009

Can't Back Out; Can't Back Out

Yesterday, my principal gave out t-shirts that say, "09-10: BEST YEAR EVER!"

So now it's official! All of the teachers will be wearing those shirts on the first day of school, so the kids can get the message loud and clear.

And I also hope you get this message loud and clear: for the PR contest, please post your WINNER GUESS for tonight's challenge. It appears to be a team challenge with all the requisite DRAMA. The designers meet Tim on a beach in the beginning. Then they work with a partner. Rachel Bilson is the guest judge.

Fave quote from the promo comes from Ra'Mon: "Ladies and gentlemen, W-T-F."

I promise to post the scores soon.

And my guess is Louise.


Anonymous said...

Lindsey's winner pick: Shirin.

Liz said...

winner pick: johnny

Sarah F. said...

Fleegel's winner pick: Irina

Anonymous said...

dan's winner pick: that guy from Minnesota who is not Ra'mon

Sarah said...

My pick for winner is Johnny.

Martha said...

Ramon will win

Tom said...

Swear I haven't watched it.

My winner pick is Irina.