Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top Chef Showdown - Week 2

Hi all - Dan here with a very quick Top Chef Showdown post. With the short holiday week, I almost forgot about tonight's episode - "Vivre Las Vegas:"
The contestants must tap into their traditional cooking skills when they're asked to show their mastery of French cuisine, and as if that's not stress enough tonight's judges are some of the biggest names in the industry: Daniel Boulud, Hubert Keller, Joel Robuchon and Jean Joho.

Remember to get your picks in. I think there are TWO eliminations tonight - one during the Quickfire Challenge and another during the Elimination Challenge, so make picks for:

(1) Quickfire winner

(2) Quickfire loser

(3) Elimination Challenge winner

(4) Who will pack their knives and go

As always, the honor rule is in force - feel to get your picks in before you watch the show even if it has already aired.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Dan's picks:
Quickfire Winner: Kevin
Quickfire OUT: Ashley
Elimination Winner: Jennifer
Pack n' Go: Ron

Tom said...

QF Win: Kevin
QF Lose: Jesse
Elim Win: Michael
P&G: Ashley

Sarah said...

My picks are:
QF: Bryan
QF Elim: Jesse
Elimination Winner: Jennifer
Pack n' Go: Ron