Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hi all,
Dan here with your Top Chef Showdown reminder. Time to get your picks in for the show! Here is this season's arbitrary scoing:
1. Pick one quickfire challenge winner (correct pick gets 2 points)
2. Pick one elimination challenge winner (correct pick gets 4 points)
3. Pick who will pack their knives and go (correct pick gets 3 points)
4. SPECIAL BONUS POINTS: If the cheftestant you pick to pack his or her knives and go is in the bottom three, you get 1.5 points).

The winner of this season's Showdown will (eventually) get a (used) copy of Padma's cookbook: Tangy, Tart, Hot and Sweet.

Get your picks in for this week's episode - THUNDERBIRDS: The remaining contestants try to serve the 300 pilots and crew from the USAF Air Demonstration Squadron based at Nellis AFB with the same Pride, Precision and Professionalism on deck that the Thunderbirds show in the air. Guest judege: Mark Peel.

As always, we are on the honor system, so as long as you have not watched the show and did not see the results, you can enter your picks. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Dan's picks:
Quickfire: Bryan
Elimination: Michael V
Pack knives: Preeti

Tom said...

QF: Kevin
Elim: Jennifer
P&G: Preeti

Aside: Does anyone else think that Ashley looks an awful lot like Andy Samberg?

woops said...

Should I not have put my full name on the internet? Sorry Sarah! Can you guys erase, and I'll just use initials or something? :)

KC said...

QF: Michael I.
Elim: Jennifer
P&G: Hector

Sarah said...

My picks are:
QF - Kevin
Elim - Jennifer
PNKAG - Jesse

Martha said...

Ben's picks:
Quickfire: Kevin
Elimination: Eli
P&G: Jesse

Michael picks:
Quickfire: Ash

Liz said...

SHOOT. Forgot to pick. I will have to make up some ground next week!