Friday, January 27, 2012


We watched Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 on Netflix. Let's just say that they were both awesome.

After we were done watching, I quickly became obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. Joe! Nick! Kevin! Which could be my favorite!?

Then, I remembered that the Jonases are fundamental Christians who wear purity rings to remind them about their promises not to have premarital sex! They also don't drink or do drugs!

Then, I remembered that maybe Joe Jonas was kind of a player who may or may not have cheated on Taylor Swift with Camilla Belle!

Then, I watched Taylor Swift's funny SNL musical monologue about Joe Jonas being kind of a jerk to her!

Then, I loaded up a new Jonas Brothers station on Pandora which has so far featured Joe, Kevin, Nick, Taylor, Demi Lovato, Jesse McCartney, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus! No Bieber yet!

Yes! I really know how to party like no one can deny!


LH said...

Now I really love this Taylor Swift gal. 4 minutes ago I really had no feelings about her at all. 4 minutes. A world of difference.

Which I think teaches us to live every 4 minutes like it's your last. thx for more important lessons from wordsavvy.

KC said...

I know! She's very adorable and lovable. I also like her songs, actually. So do Shef and Mac.

LH said...

I'm not sure how my kids feel about her. I'll ask them.

Jim said...

Are you Bryn? What the what? Ugh. Those movies are terrible. Just horrible. Sometime I'll imitate the Jonas brothers singing for you. Rachel always laughs, so it must be good, right?