Sunday, January 29, 2012

Look at My Muscles

Claire and Mac and I stayed up late watching Downton Abbey. Btw, Mac has been staying asleep better and in his own room, but he still has a really hard time actually falling asleep. So. My Handbook of Marginal Parenting said the best thing to do was to let him come down and watch a show that is inappropriate for his age group, but that he would never understand anyway. That was page 6 in the book. Page 10 said it's fine for Shef to make up his own lyrics to go along with inappropriate pop songs that he doesn't understand. He's Sheffy and He Knows It.

Anyway, I fell asleep thinking about Downton and I woke up thinking about it. We have now finished Season One on Netflix, and we're beside ourselves. How will we watch Season Two in comfort and happiness? I've charged Claire with figuring this out.


jdoc said...

I should probably get on this Downton Abbey train. I'll look into it.

Also, good job, Mac!

StreibProjects said...

That sounds like the greatest handbook on the planet!

LH said...

I need to get into downton abbey.
I have watched a little bit of second season, but I think I may have to back up to the first season to get the show's full glory.

Both my kids fell asleep on the couch for years. They didn't like going in their rooms. but then they'd sleep through the night. After watching the sopranos. Or twin peaks.