Sunday, January 15, 2012

Who's That Girl?

Today, I'm introducing a new character. We now have a housemate named Claire. She watches reality television with us, she plays with the kids with us, she makes dinner with us, she laughs at Dan's twitter feed with us, and now here she is on my blog.

One of the best things about Claire? She's an English teacher with many awesome ideas. Just today, she told me about a million fantastic lessons for To Kill a Mockingbird. She also copied all of the handouts onto a jump drive and gave them to me. Then she showed me some videos of her former students engaging in her creative educational activities.

You can see this is going to be a win-win situation for all. Especially for Dan who loves to listen to theoretical discussions about literacy education.


LH said...

Fun room mates. I'm for them.

Well done!

jdoc said...

I will look forward to stories about Claire. Welcome, Claire!