Monday, January 16, 2012

Mas Fina

I've been growing my hair out. It's been difficult because it always looks weird. Every night, I talk about it.

"See how long my hair is?" I asked Claire last night.

"You mean you think it's longer than than yesterday?" she said, glancing up from her computer.

Basically I can't stop thinking or talking about my hair. This is my cross to bear. I force everyone to look at pictures of my goal hairstyles. I complain about how my hair matches Johnny Depp's hair. I try to curl my hair without success. I pin it back and then it sticks out behind my ears. I try to force it into little ponytails.

It's not the greatest way to spend time. And it's not the most interesting topic of conversation.


LH said...

I understand about this. I have super slow growing hair. That's why I keep shaving my head every year. I get annoyed.

Still, I have never thought that your hair looked like Johnny Depp's hair (last night on Golden Globes). I think you might be a little incorrect about that.

jdoc said...

The hair looks great in this picture. I've been thinking about growing mine too. Solidarity.