Friday, January 13, 2012

Um, Mayday?

At my new school, we write narratives about each student to explain the grades we assign, give kudos, impart suggestions, and comment on our day-to-day experiences of the kids.

As a youth and young adult, I was a serious procrastinator. Since I've had kids, I generally don't procrastinate. Because I can't. Because I don't actually have time to delay the work. Because there is no later. NO DAY BUT TODAY!

However, in the case of these narratives, I've revived my old bad habits. I've been partaking in some serious work avoidance. Violin practice? Check. Just Dance? Check. Glass o' wine? Double Check. Comments? NO! NO CHECK!

How many students do I have?


How many comments have I written?


There's nothing to do but to devote myself to the Fly-Lady method of work completion. I hope she and I can get this done. We're going to have to.


LH said...

Keep us posted. I love when you give the twitter updates on your progress. Always inspires me.
I still have the miserable cold so this looks like another washout weekend. Feeling kind of down about it, so I've got to set the timer tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me.

kc said...

Everyone, I have made significant progress. I will probably get these done by Wednesday when the deadline is. My goal is to finish 60 by Tuesday morning. I have done 28 as of now.

jdoc said...

I can relate to this all too well. Good luck with the narratives!

Btw, are you and LH submitting a proposal for NCTE?

Jill said...

Ah, yes, one of the downfalls of private school. The ones for the students were not as bad to write for me as the ones for my advisees. I basically would end up just summarizing what all of their teachers said. Good luck!!