Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beat the Band

Just back from a baseball game. Game was momentous for two reasons: First, Shef hit his first homer. Whoo, Shef! And, second, I brought Pronto the Pup. This was risky because Pronto has been kind of a DYCTA. That's a Dog You Can't Take Anywhere. Sometimes I even call him DD, which is short for Damn Dog.

But, after three weeks of socialization and training, he now can behave with people most of the time. If he's on the leash. And only most of the time.

However, Pronto doesn't understand about meeting other dogs. He goes crazy and pulls and jumps and barks. It's kind of embarrassing. But, I'm not giving up. The Canine Coach is coming to help us tomorrow. Obedience starts the following week. I have confidence in the Pup. He hasn't been with us too long and he's our Pup for life.


Anonymous said...

Give Pronto time. We got Chloe, our shelter dog, about a year ago, and it took her a good 8 months or so to get used to our ways. She still takes us for walks, but is much better. She really is a sweet thing, and does go crazy when she sees her friends (other dogs), but we only let her socialize with a few neighborhood dogs. She loves that. She's not much of a barker though, which is good. She LOVES going for rides in cars. I bet Chloe and Pronto would be pals.

Katie said...

Hi there. This is the reader who introduced herself to you in public. I'm still reading. :)

I just want to endorse the Canine Coach; they helped us with training our rambunctious rescue dog a few years ago. He still has his moments, but he/we learned a lot from them, and they made training fun. Good luck!

LH said...

You've ventured into dogland. God help you. We need more pix of Pronto, btw.

I'm not a dog owner, but I admire the fortitude of all of you.

kc said...

Amazing success with the Canine Coach. I loved that. We have another appointment in 2 weeks for the leash issues. Did you do obedience class with them, Katie?

doc said...

Nice going on your life with Pronto the Pup! Canine Coaching is the way to go! We did obedience class with our first deaf dog and he was super. It's fun too. Whatever it takes to create a well behaved canine addition to your family is good. Good luck!! Cute puppy!

LH said...

I forgot to write a congrats for Shef's big hit.
That's very amazing and impressive.