Friday, June 22, 2012

Remedial World

Does it surprise anyone to know that Pronto is the worst dog at Obedience Class? Here's what the pup requires: a divider with a tarp thrown over it so that he can't see and attack the other students.

Yesterday when Coach Lynn instructed the class to take their pets on a walk around the room, she warned everyone, "GIVE PRONTO HIS SPACE! He might lose his little puppy MIND!" And then, sure enough, he completely spazzed and she had to go to her car to get a special face leash called The Gentle Leader. The other dogs do not seem to require this intervention.

The good news? The Gentle Leader seems to be a game changer.

We're on our way to Best Pup in the Universe. We're getting closer every day.


Doc said...

Pepusch loved his gentle leader and was the most well behaved of all the dogs walking around the lake! Pronto will be a success, I know.

LH said...

I'm having my doubts about pronto but I'm going to stay positive.

Anonymous said...

Growth mindset here for pronto. He can do it!