Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two Things You Might Not Have Known

First: This dog is the spazziest of spazzes. He requires between one-and-a-half and two hours of structured exercise per day. Then, you have to apologize to just about every other dog walker, those who are in close proximity and sometimes shouting out to those a block away, for the complete and total fuss your spazzy dog is putting up.

Second: Dan is fast becoming a famous tweeter. While I'm very proud of him (he's gone from 60 followers to 363), sometimes I don't approve of his tweets. When this happens, Dan says I "don't understand humor." Whatever. I just like to be appropriate. Here are some tweets I do like:

To tell the truth, (and this may be selfish) I always hoped that if someone in my marriage would become an internet star, it would be me. However, I've come to realize it's better to have one internet star than none. Congratulations, Pronto Senior! Well done.


LH said...

That dog foto shows me that pronto jr has verve.

And I'll admit to some jealousy about pronto senior, and the tweeting success.

But I'm magnanimous so ...dude, congrats.

Bethn8r said...

I must confess, I *LOVE* Pronto Sr.'s Twitter feed. I often read them out loud to my husband sitting on the other end of the couch. I'd like to feel like I assisted in his rise to fame by naming him "The Funniest Person I Know," back in 2003, during a game of Trivial Pursuit. It made the person who thought she was the funniest person I knew very upset because I said it in front of her. However, please note that she currently has no Twitter presence. Coincidence? I think not.

StreibProjects said...

Prontopup's tweets are hilarious!!