Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's My Birthday, Too

So, the Macster is 4 tomorrow. We just had his party, which was super fun. Dan and I got him a Hex Bug habitat, which seems to be a hit.

Grandparents purchased accessories for said habitat. Nana also brought squirtelers shaped like crayola crayons. All three cousins needed complete changes of outfit following the soaking. Tomorrow summer starts in earnest. Even though my spirit guides want to remind me that "life is not a series of final exams," I feel compelled to share with you my goals:
  • Read at least one book per week 
  • Provide book reviews on my blog
  • Exercise five times per week
  • Practice violin at least five times per week
  • Turn Pronto into the Best Dog in the Universe
  • Analyze data for NCTE talk
  • Have an amazing time with and without the kids
 That's all.  


jdoc said...

Perhaps I can assist in the talk prep goal by meeting you at a coffee shop to work? I am available M, T, and Th.

Hooray for summer!

LH said...

Iwish I could come.

Anonymous said...

Great party....terrific companions....interesting conversations and new technology lesson( really need to get i-phone and Face Talk )and as always, just love watching the cousins get wet and have fun sharing the B-day gifts. Your goals look worthwhile but remember, goals are a guide and should be approached in a relaxing and flexible new opportunities will appear...maybe that is what the spirit guides meant? Love, mom

LH said...

I wish I had a spirit guide.

kc said...

Yes to jdoc! Thanks, Mom. Good reminders!

Also, LH, you do have spirit guides. We all do. You just need to go to an Intuitive Wellness Coach (aka pyschic) to get their messages.

LH said...

I'll look into this. An intuitive wellness coach sounds like just the ticket.