Monday, August 27, 2012

Boom Goes the Dynamite

Opening day tomorrow. I'm super pumped. There were lots of students around today getting oriented, setting up their lockers, and welcoming new kids. Bring it on, kids!

When I got home I was pretty annoyed because there was a LARGE BILL from the pest management peeps. Do you know how many squirrels they removed from our attic?

EIGHT! Eight squirrels! It costs a fair bit to trap and euthanize a squirrel. It costs the same to relocate the squirrels, but I haven't noticed any particular shortage of that mangy vermin.

The good news is, all the squirrels have been caught according to the monitoring system. The screens are up and the bat door is installed. We should be bat free here in a short while. Just in time to kill the mice under the sink.


LH said...

I'm really curious about the LARGE BILL. Do they charge per squirrel? Were they black squirrels?

What about the bats? Were there a bunch up there?

We had a big old skunk walking across the backyard the other night. This could be bad.

mm said...

I appreciate your ability to keep your sense of humor with your pest problem. You will prevail.

kc said...

Thank you so much for your support, LH and mm.

Yes, they charge per squirrel. Grey squirrels is what they were.

Bats. Yes, we had a whole nest up there. The bats and the squirrels used the same entrance and exit. The bats were prevented from using two other potential entryways because of the wasps.


jdoc said...

It's like a Hitchcock movie up in there. That was not a problem you wanted to tackle yourself. The bill is annoying, but sometimes you need professionals to handle these things. Well done.