Monday, August 20, 2012

Punch It, Myrtle

Awhile ago, I wrote about the bat problem we're experiencing. Since that first bat - the one that Dan valiantly battled - we've had two more. In the living quarters. It's been hellish.

Wildlife Management has been working on this. Here's the problem, I mean besides the bats: we also have squirrels and mice. And, we can't deal with the bat problem until the squirrels stop inhabiting the attic space. So far we've trapped five squirrels, but there's still at least one more.

"Would you like the squirrels relocated or euthanized?" Scott the Wildlife Manager asked.

"Are you kidding, Scott?" I said. "Kill the suckers."

Today, he couldn't bait and reset the traps because guess what? We also have wasps.

This is getting a little bit ridiculous.


mm said...

Are you looking for a new home yet?

Gina Marie said...

Have you considered rewriting the old song, "There was an old woman who swallowed a fly" ??

You killed the wasps to set the trap, you set the trap to kill the squirrels, you killed the squirrels to catch the bats. I don't know why you have to deal with bats.

^ Not bad, eh?

Sarah F. said...

Did that joint come with a home warranty? You should get in touch with the previous owners...this is due to their negligence, probably. ;)

jdoc said...

Our raccoon problem seems minor by comparison. We have squirrel traps if you need them!