Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm Dying Just To Make You See

This last weekend I finished my summer at Camp Foley. It rocked. And, I brought Shef up with me for one last weekend hurrah. Together, we stayed in one of the buildings they save for adult support staff. There's a helpful sign by the toilet in that building reminding visitors that "The Septic System cannot accept tampons and other sanitary products." I didn't really think about about it. I mean, I've seen signs like that tons of times. But, apparently Shef hasn't.

On the first afternoon, I took a pit stop and found a gross unflushed toilet.

"Shef," I said later, "why didn't you flush the toilet?"

"Mom!" he said, exasperated. "I READ the sign! I wasn't sure it accepted toilet PAPER!"

I laughed. He laughed. And then he said, "Oh, by the way, what's a tampon anyway?"

Camp is all about youth development, you know. And education. So, once again I want to thank camp for this excellent opportunity to talk to my child, this time about menstruation.


mm said...

What did Shef think about menstruation?

kc said...

he was sort of incredulous. just like the time i told him about intercourse.