Thursday, January 3, 2013


For some reason, Mac has decided that we should say grace before dinner each night.  During grace, we should hold hands around the table.  I guess we managed to temper the heathenism at some point, for which I should be grateful.

Anyway, he's been choosing the grace-sayer here on our vacation in Arizona.  While my brother Kevin was with us, he was the prime choice.  Now that Kevin's back in Minnesota, Mac honored Chuck with his selection.

No one could have predicted this, but Chuck is extremely terrible at grace.  Here's an excerpt: "Dear Lord, Thank you for this food. We are grateful that the lawmakers managed to get their f&*king acts together and..." Here he was interrupted by utterances from the rest of us.  "I mean," he amended, "I'm glad they've gotten their shit together and..."

"THAT'S NOT BETTER!" Dan shouted, his eyes still shut and the hands still joined.

To be honest, I'm not sure the 24-hour news cycle is good for my mom and Chuck.  It might not be good for their states of mind.  It might be time to turn off the CNN.