Friday, January 25, 2013

Status Report

So, now here's what's happening: we're waiting for my nephew to be born.  My first and only nephew, the brother-to-be of my one and only niece.   I have been invited to help at his birth, so I've been on-call, phone in-hand and on bedside.  His poor mother has been having loads of contractions, including a whole 24 hours of them on Monday-Tuesday.

So, I've neglected the blog once again.  I tend to do this from time to time each year.  But I'm not worried.  Everything will be fine, and I'll start writing again.  I have lots of topics to explore:
  • The boys - my boys, Mac and Shef - are doing tae kwon do
  • The kids - my school kids, the Sevies - are writing spoken word poems for a slam with some young and hip poets in-residence.  Those two poets seem like babies, except they are babies that are four and five years older than I was when I started teaching.
  • My Stupid Half Marathon is tomorrow morning.  It's supposed to be 5 degrees with a windchill of -2 when we start.  How dumb is that?  Let's be honest, I'm doing it.  That is, unless someone happens to be in labor.  
  • And other stuff.


mm said...

Ohhh, I wish your half marathon was on Sunday instead. You'll do great! Stay warm!!

LH said...

Run like the wind chill.

KK said...

Awesome work today! You looked great. You know, despite the dumb race.