Thursday, January 17, 2013

Write or Don't Write

Of course, Top Chef is on, and of course, we're watching.  There are a couple of other die hard fans at school, and we had a little chat in the hallway yesterday about how Chef Josie needs to go.  Josie just keeps hanging on and scraping by and half-assing it, and it's driving us insane.  We agree, and that's the bottom line:  JOSIE HAS TO PACK HER KNIVES AND GO.

So, then while I was watching the cheftestants last night, I was just sort of poking around on the internet; and come to find out that one of those hallway pals, Amy, had posted on my Facebook wall.

"I want to punch Josie in the boobs," she wrote.

For some reason, that just struck me as insanely funny.  I mean, here we are.  Professional, feminist women.  One of our primary goals is to mentor young people.  And she writes, "I want to punch her in the boobs." And I totally can't stop laughing.

I laughed about it intermittently all evening and then all day long.  When I saw Amy in the hallway, I did a little punch at her.  It took her a second, but then she laughed at me.

Punch her in the boobs.

It's so ridiculous.


Bethn8r said...

I was SO ANGRY at the outcome this week. C'mon, Kristen, tell them the story of how it all went down, and how she put everything off until the very last minute when it was too late to fix the problems! JOSIE. MUST. GO.

LH said...

I'm getting mad that I'm not watching this show. What night is it on?
What week are we in?

I may need a marathon to catch me up.