Saturday, November 30, 2013


Just in case anyone was worried we didn't have enough hockey in our lives, let me assure you: We do.  Shef has three games in as many days this weekend, Mac has practice, we have a net in the driveway under constant assault, and we have several video versions of the game that receive playing time, as well.

We have hockey jerseys, hockey sticks, hockey pucks, hockey balls, and hockey pads littering every corner of the house.

We watched Miracle the other weekend, and Dan was bawling his eyes out due to the thrill of the victory. Dudes were completely amazing, and Herb Brooks is the man.

Okay?  Get it? We love hockey.  Three of us do.  The other one tolerates it.  I'll let you guess who the hold-out might be.

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LH said...

When I was in high school, one of my gym class rotations was field hockey. Fun stuff.

Do you drink hot chocolate during the games? That sounds like it would be the way to go.