Friday, November 29, 2013


Okay, I have reached the end of my second alphabet in a row. The alphabet frame served me well in a tough blogging time, but it's time to move on. The frame is holding me back, at this point. Getting in my way.

It's kind of the same issue I'm having with the Vivaldi concerto I'm working on. My teacher says the sheet music is getting in my way at this point. I have to memorize completely in order to get better.

You're probably wondering how the Vivaldi is going, and so I recorded this video for you. I'm not wearing any make-up, I haven't combed my hair, and my tummy is sort of sticking out in my violin position. Please enjoy.

In blogging news, I'm going to blog every day between now and the new year.  As much as I can.  I'll probably miss a day or two, but it's the effort and the intention that matters.


unabashed liberal said...

Oh that I could be that good as an adult beginner. Nice shifting and great bowing.

jhw said...

Wow, KC! I'm so proud of you. Third position like a pro and perfect intervals.
Way to go!!!!!!

KC said...

Thanks for your support! I got a little nervous and played too fast. But, I'm going to stand by this segment.

LH said...

Wow. Just beautiful!