Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Here's Dan rebuffing my conciliatory arm rubs at last weekend's family baptism party. I said something that offended him, and instead of just accepting my apology, he swatted at me long enough for people to take photos. This is what mature, capable Godparents look like.

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LH said...

At the school where I used to work, Pronto would get a referral for play fighting. And you would probably have to fill out a THINK SHEET for provoking the situation. We had the feeling that play fighting was kind of a gateway to real fighting. It's probably not 100% true, but we had to start somewhere. You both look like you're enjoying yourselves, so I think no referral would be in order. I am wondering what you said to provoke Pronto. Anyway, it's great being adults where there are no referrals or think sheets.