Tuesday, November 12, 2013


On my weekend of rest, I forgot to account for the 4-5 hours of work I have to do on Sundays. It's not like I hate doing that work, but this weekend, I really wanted to not do it.

Another slight problem is that it's getting to be winter. The older I get, the less I appreciate the biting winds and prickling cold. Right now it's 13 degrees Fahrenheit. This disappoints me and makes me want to go to work in sweatpants. But once I got there, I'd be heartily embarrassed.

A final slight problem is the size of my feet. I've been dutifully wearing my Dansko clogs every day. To tell the truth, it's a bit of a relief to have a shoe uniform. No thinking about the shoes. Yesterday, my good truth-telling pal Adriana asked how it was going with the clogs. "The funny thing," she said, looking at my shoes and kind of shaking her head, "is that your feet are so big."


Anonymous said...

My feet keep growing and growing...so I sympathize with you! Love, mom

jhw said...

All the better for balance.

LH said...

The work always seems to be there. I guess that's something we can always rely on.

It's still warm here. Feels kind of odd, but kind of nice.