Friday, November 15, 2013


I'm seeking 100% support from my family for this Christmas tune arrangement called "Fiddle Like the Dickens!"

Basically, this medley is irresistible and will be a huge hit at our family holiday party. My violin teacher says that Dobby, Mac, John, Jane, and I can play the violin parts on violin and recorder, and Sarah can play the cello parts on the piano. Dan and Shef can cheer for us and maybe dance. I'm sorry, but this number is too cute to refuse.

I have already started practicing it, and I love it. I won't take "no playing" for an answer.


KC said...

p.s. we're also doing a little bit of Christmas Kaleidoscope because Shef and Mac can also play those. Sorry to be so bossy.

unabashed liberal said...

I will need my music very soon to have any chance of being ready. Have you scheduled the rehearsals yet?

LH said...

This looks pretty hard. It sounds great though and I would like this to be videotaped. I hope you all will be wearing the Santa hats as well. Wish I could be in the audience. I would be doing some toe tapping for sure.