Friday, February 7, 2014

Celebrate TEDx Stanford

As I mentioned before, creativity is critically important. Kids need to know how to be creative in order to be successful citizens and workers of the future. KK turned me on to this TED talk by Tina Seelig about creativity. It's excellent, and educators will really like it. Including Mom. Mom, I think you're going to want to watch this video.

Part of the Creativity Engine that Tina developed is Habitat. In order to be creative, you have to work in a space that communicates creativity. Does that make sense? If not, watch the talk. Fab colleague Lynne and I recently took some students to a building that totally oozed creativity because of beautiful colors and artwork. I felt inspired and fulfilled in El Centro. It's a creative space, to be sure.


mm said...

Creative spaces and attitudes are certainly helpful. I can't wait to watch the video.

LH said...

I've seen and enjoyed this video before. Thanks for reminding me about it. What is El Centro, may I ask?

Anonymous said...

Tina's video is very informative and I found her internal and external factors very complete and complimentary to work I use to do with my graduate students in creativity. Her "combine and connect" reminded me of the Scamper technique which really challenges and assists students to use their imagination. Here is a website that is an excellent resource for encouraging various types of thinking. It is one I used often in my guiding of learners. Hope you find it useful. Love, mom.