Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Swamp People "Gator Recon"

My friend KK told me that if went to our precinct caucus with her, she would appoint me secretary. She's the Precinct Chair, so she has the power to do this. This obviously appealed to my natural need for legitimacy and recognition. Also, I teach social studies now. I should be involved in all aspects of the democratic process. And, kids should know about this as well.

"This could be a real humdinger," KK told me yesterday. Something about a hotly contested County Commissioner race and only 2 delegates and 2 alternates allowed from our caucus. Whoooo!

As she convened the caucus, KK said, "I know some outsiders find this system a bit odd, but I think it's nice." Then, we heard resolutions. There were resolutions about an oil pipeline, a judicial merit selection system, free lunch for low income kids, and a proposal to change gendered language in the caucus rules. All passed.

Then the show down for the County Convention began. Oooohhh Lordy. KK suggested a walking sub caucus. Seconded, but the nays took it. Then, someone suggested a straw poll by candidate. Seconded. Then, someone suggested that all four delegates be in support of the winner of the straw poll. Seconded. Voted down. Let me interject here that EVERY MOTION had a lot of discussion. Finally, it was proposed that the would-be delegates line up and say whom they supported and why. Seconded. Passed. Each person would have one minute. I timed them.

This process of deciding how to do things and proposing and seconding and ayeing and naying WENT ON FOR HOURS. ALMOST THREE HOURS. Originally, KK said it would be over by 8. It was not over by 8. The gal in charge of the rec center had to tell us to get out at 9:15. "Um," she said, as I was, in my official capacity as precinct secretary, transcribing names of delegates for the County Convention, as well as the City and Senate District Conventions, "can you guys, like, pack up?"

And that, my friends, is democracy in action. I was a part of it. Our State Senator stopped by and thanked me for my service. He photographed me in action. I'm on the bottom right of this collage of caucusers.


mm said...

Wow! Good for you. I've never caucused but know I should.

LH said...

Omg, this is absolutely amazing. I could really get judgmental about myself after reading this post, but instead I'm just going to enjoy knowing you and all the cool stuff you do.

unabashed liberal said...

Are you one of the delegates to the county convention. That is the only reason I thought about going.

jdoc said...

I agree. This is fantastic. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Way to go! I went once with several gal pals and we ended up upsetting the old guard. It was fun to see them fight to get their power back. It is democracy in action and thrilling! Mom.