Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Olympics: Ladies Short Program

In the last few weeks, I've been trying to find a dietary trigger for my horrible psoriasis. Do you know how you determine whether you have any dietary triggers? You eliminate tons of stuff from your diet. Then, you put things back in one by one and see what happens. I suspect the trigger for my psoriasis is living in this miserably cold and dry state. Just in case, however, I tried the elimination diet.

So far, I haven't seen any significant improvement in my skin, but I have seen significant improvement in how good I feel and how much energy I have.

Although giving up dairy, gluten, sugar, and alcohol has been a pain; I was most worried about kicking my 15-year Diet Coke habit. I know DC is toxic and terrible for me, but I have just loved it for so long despite the risks.

But now, I have given it up completely. I feel healthy and lively. While I plan to occasionally consume cheese, bread, dessert, and wine; I have no plans to to go back to DC. DC is dead to me.

Kids should know that kicking addiction is possible. You can do it, kids. Just keep trying.


mm said...

I gave up Diet Pepsi for two three years but went back to its delightfulness even though it's bad for me.

jhw said...

Way to go, KC!

anne said...

I think I'm going to try to the elimination diet for my unexplained ("goofy," the doctor said) knuckle swelling. It started back in December with one swollen knuckle, and has gradually progressed to no fewer than 8 terribly swollen knuckles. I too suspect this godforsaken weather, but your post has inspired me to be proactive. Where did you start??

Unknown said...

anne, the book I used is called Ultrametabolism by Mark Hyman. But, I also HIGHLY recommend something called Curamin by Terry Naturals. It's a hyper dose of turmeric and it has completely helped my plantar fasciitis. I feel great on the diet. Also, let's get together to catch up? Coffee?

LH said...

Wow. I was just thinking today that I should be more conscious of the foods I eat. KUDOS! I'm glad you gave up on the DC. I did that several years ago. But I replaced DC with lattes. Still, I think that's a step up.