Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Downton Abbey: Season 4, Part 7

Had an excellent professional development opportunity yesterday, during which I pondered the connections between cultural competency and global competency. Here's the story, and these are not my own ideas: cultural competency is the will and the ability to forge authentic and effective relationships across difference.

Global competency, then, is the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes, and behaviors that people need to take action on issues of global significance and to thrive as global citizens.

Kids need both of these competencies, obviously. I'm doing my best to instill them. Super tough work. I suggested to my students that we should stay in school all summer long to continue to make progress. Only one student agreed with me. She said she would give me four weeks.


mm said...

Oh, I want to know more. Plus, I love that one student!

LH said...

I need to know more about this. Thanks for piquing my interest and future inquiries. I love that one kid as well. That's pretty sweet.